Why is the elimination of viral hepatitis important by 2030?

An estimated 325 million people all over the world live with a hepatitis infection which is basically an inflammation of the liver. When a liver is inflamed, its normal functioning like fighting infections, processing nutrients and filtering blood get impacted heavily. 

Chennai Liver Foundation (CLF) is conducting a webinar “HEP CAN’T WAIT- A Webinar on Elimination of Viral Hepatitis” on 24th July 2021 (6 pm – 7:30 pm IST) to create awareness about viral hepatitis. The webinar will have eminent speakers from across the globe focussing on how and why the elimination of viral hepatitis is important by 2030. Interested attendees can register for the event here. The event is being conducted in association with Journomed which is CLF’s Digital Health Care Partner for the event. Other associates for the event include NOhep and Indian Medical Association.

CLF is a voluntary, non-profit organisation that aims to promote awareness about liver health by supporting research and educational activities. It offers help, support and information to the medical fraternity and the general public about diagnosis, prevention and treatment of liver-related diseases.

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Concerned about the increasing incidence of liver disease, Prof. R.P. Shanmugam founded Chennai Liver Foundation in 1997. Later Dr Vivekanandan joined hands to make CLF the first organization in India to focus on providing support for research and education into the causes, diagnoses, prevention and treatment of all liver diseases.

The webinar conducted by CLF will touch upon the following issues:

  • Global strategies for regional elimination
  • Health system measures & preventive strategies
  • Role of non-governmental agencies in disease elimination
  • Capacity building through professional societies
  • Role of media in achieving health targets

The eminent speakers for the webinar include:

  • Mr Anurag Mishra, Head CIPLA Foundation
  • Mr Arun Ram, Resident Editor, The Times of India, Chennai
  • Mr Cary James, CEO, The World Hepatitis Alliance
  • Dr Jayalal MS., FRCS, President, Indian Medical Association
  • Dr B.B Rewari MD, FRCP, World Health Organisation, SEARO
  • Dr R.P.Shanmugam M.S.,M.Ch, Founder, Chennai Liver Foundation
  • Dr Vivekanandan, Liver Transplant Surgeon, Managing Trustee, Chennai Liver Foundation

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