Webinar on Implantation Dentistry

Dentistry or Oral Medicine is a well known field since the ancient times. This branch gained its popularity in the last few decades where the patient started giving importance to teeth and the oral hygiene. It also deals with the teeth and the other cranio facial complications.

Implant dentistry deals with the dental complications and the solutions related to it. It is performed to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth usually occurs due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, trauma and age related complications. The dental implantation procedures are widely performed by periodontists, prosthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Dental implants and restorations have been performed since the past 30 years. Nearly 5 million dental implants are done every year. Dental implantation technique can help restore cosmetic appearance and does wonders on oral health and hygiene. Implant dentistry has advanced over time thanks to tissue engineering. 

Several studies show that dental implantation procedures are highly effective and have a good safety profile as per the international standards and is highly recommended by the FDA. 

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MedPiper Technologies and JournoMed are conducting a Webinar on Implant Dentistry and how these dental implants can improve the quality of a patient’s life.

The event will be held on 24th May, 2022, Tuesday at 7 pm. Participants can register here. Participants will also be awarded with e-certificates.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. For more details contact you can contact Soumya at


  • Significance of dental implants in the field of dentistry
  • Surgical Procedures involved for dental implants 
  • Patient friendly implant procedures and doctor friendly implant procedures 
  • Bone graft for Implant dentistry 

Expert Speaker

Dr. Ravi Bhayana: 

B.D.S., Certified Implantologist Bio-Horizon (U.S.A) F.I.C.O.I, F.I.S.O.I. 

Founder: Odon Dental Care

This webinar will address the topics of dental implants and their role in dentistry, implantation procedures which are both patient friendly and surgeon friendly, and the use of bone grafting in implant dentistry. It will also explore all the latest advancements and techniques used in the field of implantation dentistry. 

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