Understanding the Endocrinology of Transgender Medicine

Transgender Medicine is an emerging science that deals with gender identity and the needs of the transgender community. Ongoing research was performed to ensure the availability of transgender health, medicare and other insurance options. Endocrinology of transgender medicine include several topics such as adrenal health and disease, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, female reproductive endocrinology, male reproductive endocrinology, cardiovascular endocrinology etc 

Transgender people are a visible and important part of Indian society. Where most of their census remains underestimated, they are legally recognized as the third gender as per progressive legislation. The upcoming trans-friendly legal environment has allowed transgender community individuals to demand proper medical guidance during emergency. 

Few surgeries are recommended for transgender people to improve their quality of life. One among them is Cross-sex hormone therapy/transgender hormone therapy that facilitates the change in secondary sexual characteristics in both males and females. This treatment improves physical, psychological and mental health. This procedure is prescribed under the guidance of endocrinologists. This therapy also provides numerous health benefits such as

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  • It reduces the suicidal tendency
  • It reduces hypertension and diabetes and prevents cardiovascular disease

Organizations like the Endocrine Society of India should work in collaboration with allied organizations to advocate for the rights of the transgender community. Patient-centric management and country-specific management guidelines can help avoid substance abuse, gender discrimination and can resolve other complications faced by transgender individuals. For a better future for the transgender community, progress needs to be made in every sector including Modern Medicine

MedPiper Technologies and JournoMed are conducting a Webinar Series to “Improve Healthcare Access for Transgender and Sexual Minorities For The Doctors and By The Doctors” with IRIA Kerala- RakshaShakthi, Social Wings, IMA Kerala and CARB. On the second day, 19th July 2022, Tuesday 9pm, the topic of “Endocrinology of Transgender Medicine” will be discussed.

The webinar series will take place from 18th July to 23rd July 2022. Participants can register here and they will receive e-certificates. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. For more details contact you can contact Soumya at / 9080078447


  • Endocrinology of Transgender Medicine

Expert Speaker

  • Dr Nisha Bhavani, Clinical Professor, Centre for Endocrinology and Diabetes, Paripoorna – Centre for Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare, Amrita Hospitals

This webinar will address the topics of Endocrinology in Transgender Medicine and Important aspects required for upbringing the Transgender community.

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