Understanding medico-legal complications in India

Medical professionals are increasingly becoming subject to legal actions arising out of the burgeoning demand to make medical treatment more accountable in India. Patients in the country are becoming more and more aware of consumer protection rights. Therefore, it becomes imperative for medical professionals to be updated about the legal procedures so that they can defend themselves as and when needed.

In order to create awareness about the different medico-legal aspects among medical professionals in the country, MedPiper Technologies and JournoMed are conducting a webinar on “Understanding Medico-Legal Complications in India”.

The event will be held on 8th January 2022, Saturday, 5 PM. Participants can join by registering for it here. For more details, participants may contact Soumya T.S at E-Certificates will be provided to all the participants.

The event will feature expert speaker Dr AL Meenakshi Sundaram MDDA, Dean, Government Medical College, Perambalur.

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Litigations cannot be avoided as it is the right of the citizen to go to the court of law whenever there is any kind of grievance. With proper documentation and communication with the patient, doctors can help themselves out of such kinds of lawsuits. 

For example, It is also necessary to understand the unpredictable nature of adverse drug reactions and it should not be considered as negligence on behalf of healthcare professionals. 

Doctors and Healthcare professionals cannot be held liable for any untoward incidents and not all drug-induced reactions should be considered as medical negligence. If the doctor is able to provide a reasonable degree of care that is in accordance with the verified protocols and properly document the adverse drug reactions, lawsuits can be avoided.

The event will strive to create a better understanding of medical negligence, which is a very important aspect to prove that the medical professional failed to meet the standard of care that was needed for the patient.

Note: The post event summary on the webinar is available to read here

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