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Top 5 exciting innovations in Pediatric care

Top pediatric care technologies

Technological innovation appears to shift at such a pace that a new invention is already launched even before you blink. Only a short time ago, the mobile phone was a revolutionary technology, and now, it is completely incorporated into the daily experience of life. It is almost a guarantee that the medical advances of today will follow, especially in pediatric healthcare sector.

Here are the top 5 innovations that have been doing the rounds in pediatric care:


  • The Smart Pill

Not only is this pill smart, but it’s also borderline brilliant. A sensor is built into this pill, which helps doctors and medical staff to reliably determine the condition of a patient from afar. Children’s Health in Dallas used this technology; the first pediatric system to use this groundbreaking product to treat 75 transplant patients. Next is the whole new 3D printing environment that is revolutionizing pediatric cardiology and transforming lives by making prototype cores.

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  • Advanced Imaging and Modeling

This was built through the joint efforts of Dr. Mathew Bramlet, cardiologist, Illinois Children’s Hospital, and Jump Simulation Engineers. Together, they have developed a method that transforms two-dimensional heart images into 3D printed models. This study helped to improve the life of a 9-year-old girl who needed a challenging aortic surgery.

The University of Illinois School of Engineering and Jump Simulation Engineers together have created models of anatomical digital images. You may either print or implement these images into interactive environments such as augmented and virtual realities.  The digital tattoo is another technology that could change the lives of patients, especially children who suffer from diabetes.

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  • Blood Glucose Monitoring with Digital Apps

This is a perfect way to prevent the pain of glucose monitoring for patients, both adults, and infants. An incredible electronic skin patch (graphene patch) has been created by researchers that detect a greater than normal amount of glucose in the sweat of the patient. By heating microneedles that get into the skin, it immediately releases drugs.

The first model is the work of Dae-Hyeong Kim, an assistant professor with MC10 researchers at Seoul National University. The MC10 Company is working with several microchips and bio stamps that simultaneously calculate an array of vital signs. To date, telehealth software has had a significant effect on the lives of pediatric patients.

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  • CHAMP App

This is an application assisted by a cutting-edge PC tablet that simplifies control at home. This system is tailored for families of children born with a single heart defect in the ventricle. The first to deliver powerful inter-stage monitoring is this app. From the oxygen saturation levels of the infant to food intake, parents and medical teams will monitor anything.

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  • SmartWatch:

This watch contains a MOTIO HW. Through a customized artificial intelligence that adapts to user actions, the MOTIO HW identifies sleep apnea to enhance sleep quality.

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The development of technology will only increase patients’ health. This is particularly the case for devices that can track the condition of a patient accurately from afar. Revolutionary technological advancement continues to gain momentum in the pediatric healthcare sector.

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