Telemedicon 2022

Telemedicon 2022 is one of the best caucus conducted annually across the country. It is the first-ever teleconference post-pandemic and the 18th International Telemedicine Conference organized in Kerala. It is a beautiful and exciting opportunity to connect with the fraternity in person with amazing interactive sessions.  A platform of innovative ideas from valuable expertise and provoke a way towards technological advancements in telemedicine and digital health. The significance of Telemedicon 2022 is to discuss the future of Telemedicine which holds immense potential in the healthcare sector. The pandemic catalyzed the pace and the growth dimension in the field of Telemedicine and digital health. 

Telemedicon 2022 is a Scientific Conference and Expo organized by the Telemedicine Society of India (TSI) Kerala Chapter in association with Amrita Hospitals. The theme of the conference and the expo is “Strengthening Health Systems through Sustainable Telemedicine and Digital Health.” The conference will address the topics of Space Telemedicine programs, Telehealth tourism, AI-based Telehealth systems, Tele Home care, IOMT, AR and VR. JournoMed is Digital Healthtech partner. The offline session will be held on 10th-12th November 2022, Thursday, 9 am at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi. Participants can register here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the conference. For more details contact Soumya at events@medpiper.com / 9080078447.

The audience of the event can be both medical/ technological professionals i.e., they can be doctors, engineers, policymakers, pharmaceutical and paramedical professionals and students from varied backgrounds such as medical, engineering, nursing and management. It is an opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals and providers, health insurance providers, online pharmacy chains, policy/decision makers, industrialists, academic scientists, researchers and research scholars, medical and engineering students also various stakeholders in the field of Telemedicine, Telehealth, eHealth, mHealth and digital health across the world in association with various government and private organizations, and along with national and international professional societies. Clinicians and Business Delegates exchange novel ideas and innovations across the World and gather at Telemedicon 2022. With the significant increase in technological usage at all levels, Telemedicine and Medical Informatics are expected to grow at a major pace in the upcoming years, which enhances the growth of the MedTech space

Highlights of Telemedicon 2022

  • Student Workshop- Telemedicine Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • Abstract and Poster Presentations
  • Sessions covering topics such as important, innovative and practice-changing research on any topic connected with digital technology in clinical medicine, public health and global health
  • Artificial Intelligence in Telehealth systems
  • Telemedicine in the alternate medical system (AYUSH)
  • Legal aspects in Telemedicine, including privacy, security and confidentiality
  • IOMT (Internet of Medical Things) 
  • Space Telemedicine Programs
  • Telehealth Tourism and More

This conference will explore the aspects of Telemedicine and Digital Health significance and its future, Telemedicine in alternate medical systems, Artificial intelligence in telehealth systems, Legal aspects of telemedicine including privacy, security and confidentiality, Home-based telemedicine practice, Tele Education and Tele- Monitoring. 


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