TCMC registration and Doctor Licensing (Kerala)

Registration of doctors in Kerala is governed by the Travancore Cochin Medical Council (TCMC). Like most medical councils in the country, the TCMC registration can only be done online on uploading of documents, this system was implemented since 20 January 2020.

The Council expects all practitioners/applicants desirous of TCMC registration to first read the guidelines, available here and clicking on I have read all guidelines before going ahead with the registration process, after which you will be directed to the registration link.

Practitioners must upload documents electronically using their registered profiles, supporting documents vary based on the applications and services required but most of the supporting documents if scanned must be attested by a Gazetted Officer. Application and payment must be done online. After applying online, the applicant, must send a copy of the application acknowledgement receipt, payment receipts, copies of all supporting documents and cloth lined envelope with INR (Rs) 42 stamp if they want the requested documents posted to their addresses.

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The TCMC will facilitate the following through their online processes.

  1. Provisional Registration for Internship
  2. Registering as a Medical Graduate (MBBS)
  3. Application for additional qualification. (PG/Diploma/Specialty)
  4. Renewal of Licence/Hologram certificate
  5. Application for NoC
  6. Application for Certificate of Good Standing
  7. Application for Change in Name or Address

For a Step-by-Step Video tutorial, you can check out THIS LINK with short clips on the process for different applications.

For information regarding application fees – CLICK HERE

The information regarding templates and documents to be downloaded for different applications can be found here.

Continuous Medical Education (CME)

The latest amended guidelines for conducting CME for institutions conducting CME Courses are available in the link here. As per the guidelines every practitioner is required to attended 30 CME credit hours every 5 years in order to be eligible for renewal of licence with the TCMC. Only the following organisations are eligible to apply and conduct CME courses:

    1. Academic Departments of all Government and recognised private Medical Colleges in the State.
    2. Department of Health Services
    3. Indian Medical Association – (National/State/Branch) and Doctors Service Organizations
    4. Any organization/institution of Modern Medicine, accredited for this purpose by Travancore-Cochin Medical Council of Modern Medicine.
    5. Multi-Specialty Hospitals with accreditation and presently conducting Diploma National Board courses.

The Council will appoint an Observer to ensure proper functioning of the CME programme, the Observer will cross check attendance and also submit a report about the proceedings.

CME accreditation shall be at the rate of 40% of actual CME hours on the first day and 30% for subsequent days for CME exceeding 2 hours duration and 25% for CME of less than 2 hours duration subject to maximum of 3 accredited hours per day. Minimum duration of CME programme should not be less than 1 hour. Maximum of 3 hours only can be accumulated in a year from programme of less than 2 hours duration.

The organisers must submit a soft copy of the number of participants and specimen certificate to the council for accreditation and original certificates to be issued within 10 days of Certificates will only be issued to delegates after completion of the programme.



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