Special strategy for ‘special needs’

The ongoing humanitarian crisis has become overarching and has impacted people all over the world. The children with special needs and their parents have been among the most impacted ones. Despite the roadblocks, they have been striving to find a way to deal with the situation at hand. When the going gets tough, the tough get going – the saying finds perfect embodiment in children with special needs and their families. 

The realisation that taking care of children with special needs is not simple and needs an unconventional approach is the first step towards simplifying the process. A positive outcome can only be ascertained if the families stay informed about the identification and assessment of disabilities, educational programmes and the services/tools that are at their disposal. The need of the hour is a self-evolving one-stop solution for the families which takes care of all the aspects of caregiving with a scientific approach.

Bengaluru-based startup Daffodil Health is a one-stop solution that offers expert-guided care journeys for families of children with special needs. The platform frees up time for the parents by eliminating ambiguity and confusion while improving service outcomes. Its data-first approach and software backbone allows it to offer standardized services at affordable prices.


Nearly 10% of the world’s population has one or the other “Special Needs”. Many of them don’t end up joining the mainstream workforce. Daffodil Health aims to increase human potential by unlocking this 10% of the world’s workforce. It targets families having children with special needs who believe that taking care of the child is a full-time job but are struggling to get access to special needs services on the ground. The startup provides answers to common questions in the minds of parents like- When can my child become normal again/ go to normal school again? What happens after the 10th grade?

Daffodil Health provides solutions for the following pain points:

  • Highly fragmented market- When we analyse the sector which prioritises the children with special needs, we find that the market has a myriad of products and services but none of them resonate among the customers as a solution for all their problems. Daffodil Health eliminates all the prospects of fragmentation and offers a platform with complete solutions.
  • Huge supply constraint- The quality of services suffers a setback when there is no awareness on the part of the suppliers about how to provide good care. In case high-quality care is available, a majority of the families are not able to afford it and even if some of them can afford it, they are unable to identify the right solution.
  • Closed silos- An ideal caregiving system should consist of a child in the centre and stakeholders including parents and specialists working in tandem with a clear flow of information among them. Unfortunately, the existing system has created an imaginary wall between the stakeholders by limiting the communication among them. With a data-driven approach, Daffodil Health brings transparency among all the stakeholders which is beneficial for the child.
  • Duplication of effort- Due to a lack of transparency among specialists and parents, some of the progress achieved may remain hidden from them. As a result, there is duplication of effort resulting in low efficiency. Daffodil Health provides a robust software backbone that rules out any duplication of effort.
  • Inefficient cost structures- If we have a close look at the cost structures of the fragmented existing special care services, we find that a child’s growth, when plotted as a function of the high costs, makes the system very inefficient. Daffodil Health reduces the costs of the services and deploys an objective approach towards demonstrable progress.

Daffodil health stands out among all its competitors by simplifying the care journey by guiding it through all the crucial stages. Acting as concierge, the startup provides on-demand solutions for all special needs. The services are standardized and affordable. The data-based approach also takes it a step closer towards automation, thereby boosting operational efficiency and creating a positive long-lasting experience among the users.

The company has a team that is looking after the market requirements and providing them personalized services. At present, it is looking for Occupational Therapists, Speech therapists, and Clinical Psychologists with a special interest in children to join their team. Interested candidates may fill in their details here.

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