Role of Healthcare Institutions in the Care of Transgenders

Entering the 2020s, there is a significant transformation in our world working towards equity, universal respect, provision and distribution of healthcare services among all along with taking into account the epidemiological, cultural, political and legal issues. One of these focuses also includes incorporating transgender and gender-diverse healthcare. Including transgender healthcare into the medical curricula has helped prioritize the importance of education for transgender community. The role and responsibility of the healthcare providers rises significantly as and when they start recognizing and giving ample care to the Transgender Community.

Transgender health has gained significance in recent times. Healthcare providers must provide the treatment with the utmost respect and care and it is their prime duty to keep the patients comfortable while they undergo treatment. These providers should also immediately tend to transgender victims of sexual assault and those who suffer from suicidal and self-harm tendencies etc. 

Apart from healthcare, transgenders have immense importance in a health insurance marketplace so that they can have sex-specific preventive services and apply for coverage. Transgenders have the right to access care and services during any situation and discriminating them is considered illegal.

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MedPiper Technologies and JournoMed are conducting a Webinar Series to “Improve Healthcare Access for Transgender and Sexual Minorities: For The Doctors and By The Doctors” with IRIA Kerala- RakshaShakthi, Social Wings, IMA Kerala and CARB.  Day 5 will showcase a Panel Discussion on the “Role of Healthcare Institutions in the Care of Transgenders”. This discussion will be held on 22nd July 2022, Friday at 9 pm.

The webinar series will take place from 18th July to 23rd July 2022. Participants can register here and they will receive e-certificates. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. For more details contact you can contact Soumya at / 9080078447


  • Role of Healthcare Institutions in the Care of Transgenders 

Expert Speakers

  • Mr Rajarajan S, Chief Operative Officer, MGM Healthcare Pvt Ltd
  • Dr Hari, Kerala State AIDS Control Society
  • Dr Praveen G Pai, Technical Expert, Care, Support and Treatment, Technical Support Unit, Kerala State AIDS Control Society

This panel discussion will address the topics of the role of healthcare institutions in the care of Transgenders, the Duties of a doctor in a primary care setting for Transgender care and knowing transgender rights in healthca

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