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Recent Startups for Pregnancy and Maternal Care

Over the past decade, several startups have harnessed the application and availability of technology in the healthcare sector including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Israa Abuelezz et al, found that AI techniques were used throughout the world to predict pregnancy disorders such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, and help manage ectopic pregnancies. They also discovered that AI helped to assess risk factors and safety surveillance of pregnant women. In obstetrics, machine learning was a useful tool in Cardiotocography (CTG) interpretation as it has an element of subjectivity. It was able to determine whether a caesarean section is necessary during intrapartum care.

Medical care for pregnancy has become a recent area of focus for medical startups closer to home. Digital technologies offer many opportunities to improve healthcare management for women seeking pre- and post-natal care and even those suffering from infertility. Some of these AI technologies include:


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After its incubation at SINE, IIT Bombay, CareMother launched India’s first smartphone-based digital and wireless fetal monitoring solution called Fetosense in the year 2018. CareMother also offers various other facilities like:

  1. A self fetal heart monitoring solution for home monitoring called BabyBeat.
  2. A comprehensive antenatal care platform for last-mile care delivery, and high-risk pregnancy management named AnandiMaa.
  3. A pregnancy tracker and growth application.


Savemom is an Internet of Things (IOT) based maternal health care solution that promises to effectively address the malady of poor maternal healthcare in the remote regions of India. A healthcare worker can use this app to track pregnant women and enter health data. They include a Savemom Doctor Portal, an AI integrated web application that separates the patient data into high risk and low risk categories. Doctors can assess the patient’s health details from this portal.

Additional benefits include a calendar in regional languages that would act as both Health Awareness Material and Fetus Growth Tracker for pregnant women. They have also incorporated WHO’s recommendations for Antenatal care in the Savemom intervention process.  They also are working towards developing Savemom into a full-fledged care program for pregnant women up to the First 1000 days (prenatal and postnatal) based on WHO and UNICEF standards.


Zealthy is a reproductive health platform that offers tailor-made solutions to aid couples during their infertility journey. This includes at-home infertility kits, fertility coaching, and guidance for procedures like IVF.

They also provide 3000+ blogs on various women health related topics in multiple languages, Free digital diet consultation, and guidance from experts to help women on their pregnancy journey from start to finish.

Together for Her (TFH)

Together for Her (TFH) is a digital health platform that helps women choose hospitals based on quality. It also helps them build a social community to improve the patient experience which will help with safe childbirth. The Together Care Program helps women to track their nutrition, get a personalised care plan, and enquire about pregnancy, delivery, and lactation-related issues from reliable sources.

Mind & Mom

Mind and Mom is a pregnancy wellness studio for de-stress, relief, fitness and mindfulness. The app allows pregnant women to track their health on a regular basis with the wellness companion. They also provide complete access to their health, reports and wellness to their loved ones.


PregBuddy is a healthcare app that allows a pregnant woman to track her health via a phone or watch and sync them directly with her doctor and healthcare providers. They provide doctor verified articles related to foetal growth, pregnancy-related body changes, exercises, nutrition and labor, in reference to the Indian woman’s lifestyle.


Rupali Sachdev

Rupali Sachdev is an intern doctor at Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals in Mumbai. With experience in writing, design, medical technology, public speaking, and social service, she believes that doctors need to broaden their horizons and look at patient care more holistically.

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