Post-COVID Syndrome doing the rounds in Kerala!

What actually is Post COVID Syndrome?

Lately, in Kerala, there is a looming danger of lung fibrosis doing the rounds. Initial signs of pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease that develops due to tissue damage that can lead to shortness of breath, have been found recently in a few patients who have healed from COVID-19.

Two people who visited the IQRAA Hospital in Kozhikode for a post-COVID check-up were found to have symptoms. One was in his forties and the other was in his fifties. They were given medication without wasting time as the doctors opined that it would’ve been difficult if they were late.

The doctors found out that some of the typical after-effects observed among those who had visited the hospital after healing from COVID-19 were exhaustion, headache, body pain, breathlessness, and coughing.

Almost 20 percent of individuals who have been cured of the infection may experience future health issues, according to experts. This involves asymptomatic individuals that have been positively screened for the virus. It has been referred to as ‘long COVID’ or ‘post-COVID syndrome.’ Some of the effects may be paralysis, cardiac-related issue, and seizures. Most of these patients may have disorders caused by other diseases and at least some of them, will have to go for lung transplants.

The post-hospitalisation COVID-19 study has also been initiated by developed countries such as the United Kingdom. It is a group of researchers and clinicians from around the country to recognize and enhance long-term health outcomes for patients with verified or suspected COVID-19 in a hospital. Similar initiatives are stated to have been initiated by the Delhi government in India.

Doctors also noted that the value of the post-COVID treatment is not identified by many. Those who have had a cough or respiratory issues need to seek medical attention immediately. Any carelessness can be deadly.

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