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New Treatment for COVID-19 Identified

Treatment for COVID-19 out now!

Aris and Andreas Persidis, who began their careers in various fields, are now working together to use artificial intelligence (AI) to classify drugs with some early success that can be repurposed to combat COVID-19.

They still could work closely. Early versions of AI-driven telehealth, dubbed “expert medical systems,” were discussed at the time as the next breakthrough in healthcare. Through researching and writing a review of the subject, the siblings first joined forces, which they sent to many journals. It was rejected by all but one.

The Persidis brothers pressed on despite that early tepid reaction. Biovista, a company which initially used foundational pillars of AI to match areas of research and scientists, was established in 2005. This developed into matching drugs and adverse effects, and then it turned again against any processes, pathways, illnesses, and clinical results to match any drugs.

When COVID-19 struck, via Biovista ‘s Project Prodigy AI network, the brothers began applying novel AI approaches to find therapies that would reduce hazards of disease that can occur post infection.

Biovista has revealed that the antifibrinolytic agent aprotinin and the angiotensin II receptor blocker irbesartan have been identified as having the potential to reduce cytokine storm effects and high COVID-19 associated viral load.

Caplacizumab and ezetimibe / atorvastatin have also been identified by Biovista as possible treatments to overcome blood clotting and COVID-19 related inflammation.

Two active molecules, lycopene and vitamin D, have also been reported by the AI platform as potentially useful in the treatment of COVID-19, taking the total to six to date.

Drug AI helps locate the needle in the haystack, and we are confident that we have found many of them to start.

These drugs are part of a rolling release of possible drugs that could theoretically be reconfigured for COVID-19 defined by Project Prodigy.

The book on communicable diseases has been revised by COVID-19.   It has proved to be extremely difficult to manage because it causes numerous complications that affect almost every organ system.

For a disease such as COVID-19, conventional machine learning AI is not expected. Machine learning just looks backwards based on what you’ve taught it to do.

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