Metaverse in Healthcare: Planning Ahead Health 4.0

Metaverse is a buzzword circulating across the globe and many people confuse it with the concept of future technological impact. Metaverse is a future frontier for global healthcare i.e. in Health 4.0. This concept in healthcare provides a sophisticated digital environment to help build online interactions among healthcare professionals globally, create augmented reality virtual workspaces and plan collaborative medical operations. The patients have a more personalized experience which enables fast and easy recovery.

Metaverse in healthcare is an evolving scenario and is no longer just science fiction. In the next generation, the virtual medical environment will further evolve with the introduction of gamification, world-class medical education and training facilities in the healthcare system. Metaverse has upgraded its level and transformed major industries of gaming, entertainment, architecture, manufacturing, commerce and supercomputing. The technological trends involved in metaverse include augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VI), Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent cloud, Web computing, Robotics etc. 

To summarise, the metaverse is an emerging technology with the enhanced potential for optimizing patient care under a single healthcare spectrum. It has captured the attention of the stakeholders to incorporate new business strategies and make healthcare more accessible for patients. 

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Expert Speaker

  • Mr Sunil David, Advisor to IOT and AI Startups |Ex-Regional Director(IOT)- AT&T, Co-Chair of Digital Comm. Group of IET Future Tech Panel, NASSCOM IOT Tech Guru for W2RT, CII National AI Forum Member, CII Inst. of Logistics –Elite Member


  • The role of a metaverse in supporting Mental healthcare
  • Role of a metaverse in surgical studies
  • Major challenges faced by implementing metaverse in healthcare
  • Factors driving market potential in healthcare metaverse etc.

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