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MedPiper Technologies: India’s first Database of Verified Healthcare Professionals

India's largest database of authentic healthcare professionals

Gone are the days when finding the right doctor is a task equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. This process is now made faster and more efficient with the professional database of verified healthcare practitioners that MedPiper has amassed after a rigorous process of automated screening, peer social-graph analysis, and verification. 

Hospitals who are accessing their exclusive database save themselves a good amount of time, money, and effort to hire the right practitioners. They have a pre-verified list of all achievements, qualifications, and experience of the doctors/nurses who have registered with Medpiper. 

In the current scenario, the free practice of doctors is heavily constrained and there are certain other restrictions on their movement as well. Vital information like salary, job opportunity, alerts, and a carefully curated list of verified healthcare professionals is not available. Medpiper will help you accelerate the speed at which industry partnerships, research, and development reach the end doctors as well as patients.

MedPiper goes through a rigorous set of 14 key data points while profiling the practitioners to enhance their professional opportunities. Furthermore, this extensive tracking and analysis will assist hospitals in zeroing on to the best set of highly qualified and verified practitioners. 

Through MedPiper, doctors have filled over 6000+ permanent and temporary duty vacancies and are having a thriving database of 40000+ practitioners. Meanwhile, hospitals have procured critical services and devices worth INR 2.5+ Crore through MedPiper by dealing with the manufacturers directly and bringing down unnecessary delays. 

Registered hospitals will get inexhaustible access to candidates/applications from GPs, locum doctors, contractual and permanent staff positions in turn reducing the time needed to hire potential candidates and preventing revenue leakage.

MedPiper ensures that people receive high-quality treatment as they onboard the practitioners after a verification process and match them with hospitals based on requirements.  

Apart from these, MedPiper helps the practitioners stay updated on changes in key regulations, unlimited access to research journals, changes in trends, upskilling options, technology advancements, changes in tools, manufacturers, vendors, and service providers. Above all, they help the practitioners discover work opportunities and duty alerts across hospitals, telemedicine platforms, consultation, and research opportunities with device manufacturers and private equity. 

Over the last six months, MedPiper has helped serve over 5 lakh patients in the last six months and effectively covered over 20%+ of practitioners in India.  

Medpipers is collectively working with professionals, various governments, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and companies to efficiently create an easy-to-use platform of skilled and verified healthcare professionals’ network. 

The process followed by them is very simple. A message or mail is initially dropped by the user citing their requirement. It then goes through a step wherein, they are segregated based on the temporary, contractual, and permanent requirement. Depending upon the urgency of the requirement, the message alert is sent via the app, and their other social media channels to alert the practitioners in their user pool. Shortlisted practitioners’ profile information is shared in fixed and regular intervals to reduce the sheer volume of profiles they would receive, giving them ample time to select the right candidate. 

MedPiper was incubated at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (NSRCEL), and backed by global investors like YCombinator. 

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