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Key to good health- daily simple habits!

An unenlightened cognitive development of improving one’s health and fitness status is generally limited to physical activities and a selection of ‘healthy’ food items that are trending on social media. Sometimes people also try to establish a connection between the absence of disease and absolute health. But, is this the right perspective? 

As per the World Health Organisation, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

In order to touch a mark of a self-established fitness ceiling resting on the pillars of unscientific principles or methodology, people generally follow random approaches like strict dieting or heavy workouts.

Zero-calorie goal?

There are some brands in the market that are promoting zero-calorie products and pursue people to follow the zero-calorie path. “I don’t even think that calories are bad for your health. In fact, you need it.  We’re creating daily snacking products that are safe in terms of sugar consumption, safe even for diabetics to consume,” says Nithya Sunil, Chief Executive Officer, SmartCookieFoods. SmartCookieFoods aims to ensure that the products are healthy as well as taste good, look good, and people are not deprived of the eating experience by finding substitutes like ragi, buckwheat, almond milk and sweeteners low in glycemic index that are widely known for their positive health impacts.

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Following simple stuff or difficult ones?

“The key to health is not following difficult stuff for a short period of time. It’s about following simple stuff on a regular basis without somebody else having to tell you to do it right,” says Kripa Dharmaraj, International Health Coach. Getting the right knowledge is not a herculean task if one looks at the right places. Once we have the knowledge, it’s all about the action. If one starts taking action based on the right guidance and following simple steps regularly then transformation is just a step away.

Breaking the chain

Visuals can play a big role if someone is a foodie. Visual and sensory impact can create a desire for food. There is a concept of breaking the chain as far as following a particular food habit is concerned. When we move around with different people there remains a natural tendency to do the same things or visit the same places. But if a person gets beyond the visual and olfactory aspects and follows an alternative path that is healthier, the person is considered to have broken the chain.

Sustainable plan

Fitness experts sometimes attract people by promising to provide health impacts in a very short period of time, e.g, losing extra pounds of weight in a week or so. But that is not a sustainable approach as it doesn’t leave people with a long-term plan. “I don’t give any products in my diet plans. But a plan, which is easily affordable and can be derived directly from the kitchen, so that even if they are travelling, they can just follow the practices. And I don’t want anyone to depend on a dietician for a long time. There is a perception that dependency on a dietician is a lifelong thing, but if they get to learn basic things, the dependency reduces,” says ​​Dharshini Surendran, Dietician & Lifestyle Consultant.

Maintaining equilibrium

Being healthy is all about having the right balance of mind and body.  “I started with that motivation that I need to be in a healthy shape where I don’t feel lazy and you feel dizzy. I don’t feel drowsy every day as it was just psychologically impacting me,” says Aditi, Manager, Advance Analytics & Business Consulting at HSBC bank. “There are multiple perspectives on what health and fitness mean. It’s a combination of joy and happiness and a lot of contentment,” says Padmini, Homemaker.

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