Important Neonatal Components for Essential Newborn Care

Essential Newborn Care (ENC) is an extensive plan for improving newborn health through treatments before conception, during pregnancy, during and shortly after birth, and in the postnatal period. To reduce the risk of disease and enhance growth and development, all babies require fundamental newborn care. Basic preventative newborn care, early diagnosis of abnormalities or danger indicators, and treatment of critical conditions such as sepsis and birth asphyxia are all part of Essential Newborn Care.

Neonatal components are used to evaluate healthcare related infections and occurrences in premature and very low birth – weight neonates kept in acute care medical facilities. Temperature maintenance, adequate cleanliness in handling babies, clearing of airways (including mouth, nose, and throat), skin to skin contact, early and exclusive breast feeding, umbilical cord care, eye care, vitamin K administration, and immunization are the important components of Essential Newborn Care.

MedPiper Technologies and JournoMed in association with Zydus Medical College and Hospital are conducting a webinar titled “Neonatal Components – Essential Newborn Care”. The event will be held on 26 May, Thursday, 6 PM. E-certificates will be provided.

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Expert Speaker:

  1. Dr. Bharat Parmar M.D. ( Paediatrics ) DHA FAIMS, Professor & Head of Paediatrics Department, Zydus Medical College & Hospital Special
  2. Prof( Dr.) Sanjay Kumar, MD, DGO, PGDHHM, MIPHA, FIAOG) Chief Executive Officer, Zydus medical college & Hospital Dahod

Topics Covered

✓ Antenatal care Safe Delivery

✓ Neonatal Resuscitation

✓ Neonatal Hypothermia

✓ Neonatal Hypoglycemia

✓ Promotion of BF

✓ Prevention of Infection

✓ Recognition of High-Risk Baby & Referral & Management

A short test is performed on newborn just after the birth, known as APGAR test. The results (score) of this test will help to determine a newborn baby’s health and vital signs. APGAR stands for Appearance (skin color), Pulse (heart rate), Grimace response (reflex irritability or response to stimulation), Activity (muscle tone), Respiration (breathing ability). The APGAR scoring system will be thoroughly discussed in this webinar.

This webinar will primarily cover the important components of Essential Newborn Care, parameters for prioritizing them, and the methodologies for putting them into action. The implementation of Essential Newborn Care will help in minimizing neonatal and infant mortality.

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