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How Ultrasound at home is helping doctors and pregnant women

Ultrasound at home to monitor pregnancy from anywhere

During COVID times, visiting the hospital is no child’s play and patients are wary now more than ever due to the risk of getting infected. Pregnant women are vulnerable particularly as they require frequent visits to the hospital for ultrasound exams.  

As a blessing in disguise, an Israeli firm called PulseNmore has come up with a device that lets patients perform ultrasound exams at home. They can immediately share the results with their physicians or sonographers. 

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This device can be used as a dock for a smartphone and the bottom of the device acts as the ultrasound transducer. An application present on the smartphone will provide training and guidance to patients to assist them with achieving high-quality scan results. The results can be shared with the patient’s consulting practitioner. 

The main objective behind PulseNmore is to ensure that the tele-ultrasound provides optimal care for their patients from anywhere in the world and simultaneously prevents the risk of viral transmission.  

The physicians at Clalit Health Services surveyed around 1300 self-scans and could study the fetal heart activity, movement, and amniotic fluid in 95% of the scans. Doctors consider the at-home tele-ultrasound scanning as a huge step ahead in the field of digital medicine and prenatal health.

PulseNmore was successfully able to create a miniature version of the conventional ultrasound system and created a solution that is convenient, reliable, affordable, and accessible for expectant families. This device will ensure that the healthcare practitioners receive accurate information about the baby and avoid unnecessary ER visits for the family.v

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