How to Become a Pediatrician: Step by Step Guide

Why and How to Become a Pediatrician Doctor?

Why and how to become a pediatrician? According to a study by Harvard University called “The Foundations of Lifelong Health are Built in Early Childhood,” it states that “the consequences of poor health in childhood can lead to higher rates of chronic diseases in adults. Health in the earliest years… lays the groundwork for a lifetime of well-being.” It is necessary for the child to receive proper care in order to have a sustainable future based on healthy development in the early years. If there is any disruption to the child’s development or health during their early years, it may impact their physiological response such as their immune system, or create higher chances for diseases during their adulthood.

Why and how to become a pediatrician? According to UNICEF India, 25 million children are birthed each year and every minute, one of them passes away. Even though our country has built various platforms and programs to ensure that the good health of any child aged between their birth till their first 6 years, is taken care of, in this scenario, the majority of the responsibility lies with a good pediatric doctor. They can help with the improvement of the child’s health when it is most crucial and important. The need for a good doctor is always present but becoming a pediatrician means that they need to be dedicated to be able to deal with the child’s mental and physical well-being in their growing years.

Today, the demand and scope for a pediatrician in our country are high, which promises that both private and public sectors are on the lookout for efficient and skilled health professionals to do their job well. The role of a pediatrician is necessary as it deals with young adolescents and children’s health in the following ways:

  • To help with the diagnosis and treatment related to children as well as address any special medical needs (genetic defect, malignancy, infection, injury, etc).
  • Provide a proper treatment plan which is specific to the patient’s age and medical needs.
  • Perform regular health checkups, examinations, and immunizations.
  • Examine the child to see if they’re experiencing standard physical development.
  • Do the necessary tests as well as provide prescriptions and perform necessary procedures.
  • For children that have a chronic illness, perform appropriate care for them.
  • Give insight and effort into reducing the child mortality rate.

Steps to Becoming a Pediatrician in the US – How to Become a Pediatrician Fast outside India?

How to become a pediatrician fast? Below are the necessary steps to becoming a pediatrician in the United States of America (USA):

  1. Complete Your Bachelor’s Program: How to become a pediatrician? This will be the most essential step to take entry in any medical college, which is to complete the bachelor’s program in the chosen university for a duration of at least 3 years. Although, aspiring candidates do clear their bachelor’s degree or advanced program in time before they apply to medical school. While there are a few students who take up a pre-med program for fulfilling their choice to become a pediatrician, others can achieve it by taking subjects such as math and science. The medical students also have the option to major in courses such as child psychology or anything that is closely related to their career choice.
  2. Earn Your Doctor’s Degree: A doctor’s degree could mean Doctor of Medicine (M.D) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) which is required for becoming a pediatrician. The aspiring candidate should note that once they think of applying to medical school, they’ll be required to share their results of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) examination. This is a compulsory test that is taken during their second or third year of graduation, to see if the candidate has sufficient knowledge in their field such as in physical or biological sciences.
  3. Finish Your Medical School: In order for the aspiring candidate to complete their medical school program, it would ideally take 4 years, during which the first 2 would include coursework. This means understanding and training of certain topics/subjects in relation to physiology, pathology, molecular biology, biochemistry, etc. After which the rest of the 2 years would be spent on practical training – as to how to take care of the patients within a medical setting such as a private clinic or a hospital. This procedure would take place under the observation of professional healthcare doctors. During this course, they will be open to learning about various specialties within the field like gynecology or even surgery.
  4. Finish Your Residency Program: Once the medical school is complete, the medical student will be tagged as a doctor without their training, so only in theory. Residency is for this exact same reason – to gain exposure and experience of working with a healthcare team in a facility with patients. It is a 3-year program where pediatricians will be trained on how to treat children under the observation of another physician/pediatrician.
  5. Choose Your Specialization: For those pediatricians who want to specialize further in their field and gain more knowledge can opt for any sub-field related to pediatrics such as neonatology, critical care, or medical genetics. The fellowship program lasts up to 2 years but can depend on the specialty one selects.
  6. Issue Your License: After completing the fellowship program, doctors may look for job opportunities in hospitals or clinics, as per their choice. Although it would require that they issue a license first. Physicians, in order to practice in a particular state of the US, require that place’s license. Every state has its own procedure but they all demand an entrance exam with 2 parts.
  7. Get Your Verification from the Board: In case any pediatrician chooses to take a subspecialty, then they will need to get a clearance from the Board by becoming board-certified. This will also require another examination and include a certification in the same area of choice.

General Pediatrician Education Requirements

How to become a pediatrician fast? General pediatrician education requirements: In recent times, the career path to becoming a pediatrician is most promising in India and the importance of this field has led to an increase in the growth of job opportunities. Once the pediatricians have completed their MBBS degree, they may take up jobs such as child specialists in govt/private hospitals or clinics. If they are well experienced and have knowledge and experience in the treatment of the children, they may even set up their own clinics. If a physician chooses not to practice any longer, he or she may even take up classes at a university of their choice and continue researching new measures in the healthcare system. Doctors who believe in social work can volunteer to set up medical camps in areas without proper care or be part of military service.

General pediatrician education requirements – Basic Understanding of how to become a pediatrician in case you’re already a doctor:

  1. Educational Requirements: Doctors who want to specialize in Pediatrics may do so if they already hold an MBBS degree, have completed their post-graduation, or have a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. Although, they will also require biological science or a pre-medicine field.
  2. The Requirement for Training: After completing their education, the doctors will be required to complete their residency program of at least 3 years. They may even take up a fellowship program in any specialization if they require, in a field related to pediatrics.
  3. The Requirement for License to Practice: License will be required by the state in which the physician chooses to practice, each will hold their own examination.

How Long is Medical School for Pediatricians in India?

How long is the medical school for pediatricians in India? How to become a pediatrician fast? Completing medical school in India would require more than 5 years which includes training for one year. The medical student will be interning at a facility before they give their entrance exam for post-graduation and it is a compulsion to have an MBBS degree along with the internship. For doctors who have completed post-graduation of 3 years, may choose to specialize in a specific field of choice, related to pediatrics. In total, the number of years after high school would be between 8-9 years before the aspiring candidate becomes a pediatrician.

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