Hospex 2022: First Healthcare Expo in Kerala

Hospex is an upcoming medical and healthcare expo that invites all the healthcare professionals and expertise worldwide. It includes exhibits all innovative and creative healthcare products and it is the first of its kind leading expo for healthcare in Kerala. 

Hospex welcomes all healthcare professionals whose focus is on expanding their business globally. Visitors can hail from multiple backgrounds. They can be doctors, hospital owners, purchase managers and doctors who own private clinics. Even those from medical colleges, universities, international agencies and NGOs can attend. Hospex also invites medical and surgical equipment manufacturers, healthcare startups, robotics, AI-based and digital healthcare experts. Other experts like trade manufacturers, export dealers, distributors and traders from medical industries can also join this event.

Hospex 2022 is the only Medical and Healthcare Exhibition in Kerala targetting hospitals, surgical equipment manufacturing, and startups. It is the perfect platform for exhibitors to display the latest medical equipment and innovation technology and communicate with the relevant clients.

Hospex is supported globally by prominent brands and associations. This event is an innovative and remarkable platform for global clients who wish to exhibit their advanced and latest scientific and biomedical equipments to the global market. Thus, it promotes connections with global leads and helps in expanding business.  

Hospex also distributes Hospex Awards to the dignitaries who have marked their presence and brought an impact in the medical and the healthcare industry. One of the prominent awards is “Women Enterpreneurship Awards” to encourage woman entrepreneurs whose possess outstanding qualities such as leadership, business management and professionalism. The other categories of awards include: Best Healthcare Startup Awards, Best Innovator Awards etc.

The digital live webinars of Hospex are conducted in association with JournoMed, and MedPiper Technologies which will cover various topics related to scientific, medical and healthcare industries.

The Venue and Tentative Dates of the Expo are provided below:


Adlux International Convention Centre, Angamaly,

Cable Junction, Ernakulam District,

National Highway 47,

Karukutty, Kerala- 683576 

Tentative Dates:

23rd Sept – 25th Sept 2022

Hospex is a one-stop destination for smart healthcare workshops which builds networks within the healthcare community and provides detailed innovative solutions to all healthcare providers and clients. For more information regarding the Hospex Event, visit here and visitors registration can be done here

For any queries, contact Soumya at 9080078447/

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