Heart Attack cases spike in Bengaluru as COVID-19 pandemic rages

Is there a sudden spike in heart cases during the lockdown?

In the last two months, doctors have registered a 30 percent rise in cases of heart attacks in Bengaluru, likely linked to variables such as psychological anguish, economic woes, lack of physical activity, bad nutrition, and other lockdown hurdles.

Due to fear of catching Covid-19 and thus having a difficult path of recovery due to lack of timely care, many of the patients have also postponed hospital visits.

As people’s mental stress, anger, and uncertainty increase due to financial instability, loss of employment, wage cuts, excessive working hours, etc., the state is experiencing an increase in cases of heart attacks. This has occurred due to pandemic-induced strain on individuals

Compared to the same time last year, there was a 30 percent rise in the number of such patients coming for treatment in August and September. Although heart patients still steer away from elective procedures, heart attack admissions in the emergency ward have increased.

Lack of Physical Activity

The concerns have been exacerbated by a lack of hygiene and inadequate fitness routines during the pandemic. The young patients were all fit people who regularly exercised and had no history of heart problems.

There was a 30 percent spike in the number of heart attacks treated by the hospital. Doctors believe that the main reason is the extremely high level of stress with higher working hours, especially in the IT field. Employment instability has contributed to it, combined with health negligence. Often, the closing of sporting arenas and gyms.

The hospital recorded as many cases of heart attacks as it did before the pandemic. Before the virusĀ outbreak, doctors will treat three or four such cases every day. It dropped during the pandemic. They’re back to those numbers now. Individuals will suffer financial pressure due to factors such as failure to complete their housing construction, and tension over risingĀ bills. Compared to the days before COVID, there was a 35% drop in the number of hospital admissions. Yet the mortality rate has shot up by 4 percent.

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