JournoMed invites applications for  JournoMed Media Fellowship 2021-22 for medical practitioners to facilitate responsible and respective reporting on issues related to various aspects of healthcare. This year’s core themes are around mental wellness, health and wellness and technology adoption for medicos. 

The fellowship aims to improve people’s understanding and increase their awareness that impacts health and requires social and knowledge support for the community and society. 


The JournoMed fellowship aims at building/strengthening rapport with the medical community in India, by providing access to MedPiper fieldwork, advocacy and research to encourage in-depth, insightful reporting on medical humanitarian and issues of public health concern for JournoMed. This year the media fellowship will focus on:

  • Technology adoption and changing patient interaction/outcome landscape for medicos 
  • General health and wellness – evolving trends and blindspots in public health during COVID
  • Mental wellness

Beyond this, we also encourage participants to submit topics for consideration. With this background JournoMed Media Fellowship wants to encourage reporting in a responsible and respective – sensitive manner; improve people’s understanding and increase their awareness on topics that impact health, concern medical practitioners and drive outcomes for research and the society.

Duration & Funding

The Fellowship will last for a period of six months. The selected fellow will receive funding upto INR.150000; which will support research, travel, accommodation, meals. The Fellowship fund will be disbursed in installments. It is mandatory to produce and submit original bills for all expenditure incurred during the course of the fellowship.


  • Professional Doctors working in private, aided or medical research in India.
  • Applicants must demonstrate a minimum of two years of professional experience in writing on health, development,  public policy and/or related issues.

Expected Deliverables

Fellows are expected to publish the following:

  • Pitch their ideas on how to
    • Raise awareness of the topic, that it  can happen to anyone, and it is never one’s fault, the importance to access services for the wider community
    • Improve people’s understanding and increase their awareness on topics that impact health and run webinars, panel discussions, outreach within the community and network to host and lead engagements.
    • Raise awareness amongst the care providers to promote the topics and adoption.
  • Print/Online: Minimum of 3 articles (500 words each) or 1 long-form story (2000 words) on the topic in the publication they are working for every month is mandatory for the completion of Fellowship.
  • Multimedia: 2 Articles (500 words each) accompanied by multimedia content like video, data visualizations, photostory, illustrations every month.
  • Fellows are expected to speak about their experience to the larger medical community and other interested people of MedPiper after the completion of the Fellowship.

Application Requirements

Interested Doctors should send  the following documents with their application

  • Resume not more than 2 pages
  • A proposal demonstrating initial research and story angles outlining their possible focus area (700-word proposal)
  • Letter of recommendation from a professional referee detailing the applicant’s professional abilities and aptitude for the fellowship.
  • Two samples of previously published work. If the work is in a regional language, please provide an English translation.
  • Applicants must provide a ‘letter of support’ from the manager/employer of their current employer assuring Fellows’ rights to agreeing to publish the articles written by the Fellows in JournoMed. Freelancers must also provide a letter of approval on any data sources they might refer to in their articles, if deemed necessary.
  • Statement of purpose explaining the motivation for writing on this topic.

    “Why do you want to do the JournoMed Fellowship and how do you see it adding value to your career?” (500 words)


  • All applications will be evaluated by editorial at JournoMed as well as an external jury member
  • JournoMed reserves the right to not award any fellowships if applications do not meet a basic minimum standard.
  • All decisions taken by JournoMed will be final

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