ENT Talk- On Cochlear Disease and Implant

The ear is an essential organ for hearing and balance. Each ear is an intricate structure of bone, nerves and muscles. So, taking proper care of the ear is an essential routine that one must follow. Due to improper hygiene, inflammation of the inner ear can occur and cause ear infections or diseases. Viral infections are more prevalent in the ear than bacterial infections. Viruses such as measles, rubella and polio might spread to the inner ear and cause infections. In bacterial infections, the cerebrospinal fluid is affected.

Hearing complications are most often observed in small children and in elderly people. These complications might lead to hearing loss, cochlear infections or other ear-related diseases. Otologists are the specialized professionals who deal with ear-related diseases and complications. 

Cochlea is the spiral cavity present in the inner ear ( Labyrinth). It resembles the snail shell and is mostly involved in hearing. The cochlea is filled with endolymph, a watery fluid and has tiny hair calls called the Organ of Corti. This Organ of Corti generates electrical impulses which aids in hearing. The cochlea is susceptible to damage which may block the flow of endolymph and lead to Cochlear diseases.

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Few Cochlear diseases include sensorineural hearing loss, acoustic neuroma , Meniere’s disease etc. All these can result in symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss, imbalance, tinnitus and pressure in the ear.

MedPiper Technologies and JournoMed are conducting a Webinar in Association with IRIA Kerala- Raksha, Shakti and Social Wings where the discussion is about ENT Talk on Cochlear Disease and Implant. The event will be held on 16th June, 2022, Thursday at 9 pm. Participants can register here and they will receive e-certificates. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. For more details contact you can contact Soumya at / 9080078447 

Expert Speaker

  • Dr. George Kuruvilla Lourdes, M.S (ENT); FRCS (Glasg); Fellowship in Paediatric ENT Surgery (Canada), Senior Consultant Paediatric- ENT and Cochlear Implant Surgeon; Head of ENT, Lourdes Hospital,Kochi; Visiting Consultant at Medica Hospitals, Maldives.

Cochlear Implant Surgery is recommended for most deaf people nowadays to help with hearing loss. The webinar will explore types of Cochlear Diseases and how cochlear implant surgery can help deaf people. Topics of surgical complications, procedure, evaluation and management of ear diseases and infections will also be discussed. 

Update: The post webinar summary of the article is available to read here

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