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Elderly Physical Activity Guidelines (Part-2)

Tips on how to do seated exercise for the elderly

Exercise is predominantly vital for seniors who find it difficult to undertake daily activities such as showering or cooking. There are various exercises a senior can safely perform while he/she is seated which will help improve the muscles as well as the wellbeing of the overall well-being. Rolling your shoulder forward and backward will play a significant role in strengthening and activating your upper back and shoulder muscles. Neck circles and tilting your head from one side to another have been found to strengthen the neck muscles as well as improve flexibility and range of motion.

Maintaining your core through seated exercises

Having a strong base is vital as it will assist in improving your balance, make walking more comfortable and enhance your sitting posture. Warm-up for at least five minutes through aerobic activity to prepare your body for the coming exercises. Start by sitting up straight on a chair and placing a giant ball in both your hands. If you aim at keeping your arms and legs in motion while seated, you can choose the elbow-to-knee exercise. While doing this exercise, you will be required to take a ball similar to that you used for chair twists and place it on your feet.

Easy exercises that will help maintain your core:

The core is known to contain muscles that help stabilize, move and sustain your spine. Just like other muscles in the body, the core needs to be exercised and taken care of. Here are some exercises you can undertake that will help better your core regardless of your old age.

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Staying straight as a plank

Both the front and side plank have been known to strengthen your core profoundly. The front plank focuses on your rectus abdominals and the side plank on your obliques. Beginners can begin with a one-minute static hold and work their way up to even ten minutes.

Acting like a bridge

A floor bridge can help in exercising your erector spine as well as your lower back. It helps stabilize your entire body by engaging your legs, abs and butt. To challenge yourself, you can always raise one foot from the floor and perform a one-legged bridge.

Ways to better your core as a senior citizen

Strengthening your core means excellent balance, amplified postural stability and minimal risk of falls. As a senior citizen, these are the common issues you face day in and day out. However, if you suffer from chronic ailments you are a beginner or injured, speak to your physician first.

Seated side bends

In this exercise, you are required to sit up straight and ensure your spine is also straight. Let your abdominal muscles be supported by moving your belly buttock towards the spine. This type of exercise is valid even for seniors who are wheelchair users or have limited mobility.

Locust Pose

The locust pose is a yoga pose that needs to be performed when you are down on the floor. Make sure you lie on your front ensuring the front of your forehead is direct to the floor, and that your shoulders and upper chest are as high as you can.

Things to remember

When undertaking these exercises, always remember to pull your belly bottom in the direction of your spine. This will help engage your transverse abdomen and assist in aligning your body correctly. Exercise your core on non-consecutive days to give your muscles time to relax between exercises.


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