Uses of eflornithine cream

This cream is used to reduce unwanted growth of thick and dark facial hair (hirsutism) and also reduce hair growth under the chin in women caused by the treatment of PCOS.

IUPAC name: 2,5-diamino-2-(difluoromethyl)pentanoic acid

Brand name: Vaniqa

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Product: Eflornithine cream

Is it a prescription drug? YES

Mechanism of action

This medication works by inhibiting the enzyme (ornithine decarboxylase) action in follicles of hair as this enzyme is involved in the production of hair.

Side effects

Common side effects of the drug may include: skin redness/itching/burning/tingling/irritation/dryness

Some serious side effects may occur folliculitis (hair bumps), acne.


This medication is for topical (skin) use only. This medication should be applied to affected areas of the face and chin and it is not a hair removal cream. Let it dry completely before applying cosmetics, sunscreen.


Before using this medication consult your doctor:

  1. If you are allergic to it, or any other skin cream containing methylparaben. If you have any other kind of allergy.
  2. If you have a medical history of infection/sores on your face.
  3. If you’re using any other medications (such as prescription medicines, nonprescription medicines, and herbal products).
  4. If you are pregnant, wish to become pregnant or breastfeeding.

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