Doctor Licencing and Registration in Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu Medical Council is a statutory body formed under the provisions of the Madras Medical Registration Act of 1914. TNMC evolved from one of the oldest Medical Council called Madras Medical Council, which was created before World War I in colonial India.

The council then covered the state of Madras, comprising of Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala along with Pondicherry. However, its jurisdiction today covers the state of Tamil Nadu, Union Territories of Puducherry, and the Andaman and Nicobar.

For registration as doctors and any other allied activities, practitioners must register on the TNMC Website- Link available here

Practitioners must fill in the following basic details while creating their profile, information for which is available here

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Practitioners must register and upload documents electronically using their registered profiles. Supporting documents vary based on the applications and services required. However, once documents are uploaded, the Council will verify them before sending an email communication to doctors to choose their appointments for in person verification.

These links will help guide you through the application – click on the links to view documents required etc.

  1. Applying for Extension of Compulsory Rotational Resident Internship (CRRI)
  2. Application for change in institution during CRRI
  3. Registering as a Medical Graduate (MBBS)
  4. Application for additional qualification. (PG/Diploma/Speciality)
  5. Application for NoC
  6. Application for Certificate of Good Standing
  7. Application for Certificate of Good Standing from MCI
  8. Application for Continuous Medical Education (CME) Credit Hours (No in person verification, only e-confirmation after verification)
  9. Application for Change in Name

Continuous Medical Education (CME)

Medical colleges or hospitals conduct the CMEs. Accredited programme organisers send out their brochures and practitioners can register for the CMEs/conferences. The organizers of the CMEs/conferences coordinate with the medical councils to procure the medical council credit points for the attendees.

There is usually an observer who comes from the medical council to attend the CME or conference to take note of the proceedings and to assure that it’s all being done in accordance with the regulations of the medical council. Once he/she is satisfied and presents his report and once the organizers submit the attendance for the CME/conference and all the attendees submit the feedback form at the end of the CME/conference, the medical council verifies everything and then after a week or so sends the certificate with the number of credit points procured.

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