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COVID-19 Management Protocol Launched based on Ayurveda and Yoga

Now Ayurveda and Yoga to the rescue in the fight against COVID

A protocol for the clinical management of Covid-19, which lists dietary steps, yoga, and Ayurvedic herbs, and formulations such as Ashwagandha and AYUSH-64 for the prevention of coronavirus infection and the treatment of mild and asymptomatic cases, was released by Union Health Minister.

This protocol dealing with preventive and prophylactic steps is an important step not only in the administration of Covid-19 but also in the creation of conventional information applicable to the resolution of modern-day problems.

In the Protocol Document, the Ministry of AYUSH pointed out that the current understanding indicates that a good immune system is essential for preventing coronavirus infection and protecting against disease progression.

The protocol proposes that drugs such as Ashwagandha, Guduchi Ghana Vati, or Chyawanaprasha be used as prophylactic care for high-risk populations and patients’ primary contacts.

It recommends that asymptomatic Covid-19 positive patients take Guduchi Ghana Vati, Guduchi, and Pippali or AYUSH 64 to avoid disease progression to symptomatic and serious forms and to increase the rate of recovery.

Patients infected with mild coronavirus may be given Guduchi and Pippali, and AYUSH 64 tablets, it said.

The dosage of these drugs to be taken is also stated in the protocol. The guidelines indicated that general and nutritional steps had to be taken in addition to these medicines.

An informed choice of treatment options can be made by individuals with moderate to serious coronavirus infection and all extreme cases will be referred, the protocol said.

Based on their clinical judgment, suitability, availability, and regional preferences, physicians must decide on useful formulations from the list of substitutable classical medicines.

The dosage may be modified based on the age, weight, and disease condition of the patient, the ministry said.

Ashwagandha, Chyawanprasha, or Rasayana Churna for post-COVID-19 management were also mentioned in the document to prevent lung problems such as fibrosis, exhaustion, and mental health.

Besides, the ministry has identified the Yoga Protocol for Primary Prevention of Covid-19 to improve respiratory and cardiac performance, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve immunity.

The paper also discusses the Yoga Protocol for Post Covid-19 treatment to enhance pulmonary function and lung capacity, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance mucociliary clearance including treatment for Covid-19 patients.

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