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Contacts Tracing no longer a viable option as the pandemic is growing exponentially, Experts

How effective is contact tracing?

With cases of Covid-19 continuing to increase throughout the country, bureaucrats and experts question the feasibility of contact tracing, particularly in areas where the infection is highly prevalent, and advocate for a reboot of the strategy.

Several government officials said that in major metropolitan cities where the virus has spread among the general population in such a way that contact tracing has become superfluous, there is no useful reason for contact tracing.

If A is said to have been infected by the virus, then a contact tracing shows that most of his contacts are positive as well, it is difficult to find out who has infected A or how these contacts were first infected.

Why do you do contact tracing? This is to split the infection chain. However, when it has spread to such a large degree in the population, it becomes meaningless. Whether or not the government acknowledges it, it does not alter the fact that a population is spreading.

Our findings demonstrate that a contact tracing technique can only lead to COVID-19 containment if it can be structured in such a way that there are very short delays in the process from symptom initiation to index case isolation and their contacts. It is important to evaluate and streamline the process of traditional contact tracing, while mobile app technology may provide a method to speed up the process. The main goal of a contact tracing technique should be to reduce the delay in testing individuals for SARS-CoV-2.

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