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Certain Cancer Treatments can be deadly for Coronavirus Positive Patients with Cancer; says Study

Cancer patients suffer extra due to coronavirus.

Based on the study published in the journal Eureka Alert, a team of researchers in the United States found that most of the cancer therapies can be lethal to Covid-19 positive patients. The research was conducted at the University of Cincinnati by researchers and addressed at the 2020 Virtual Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology.

Researchers provided empirical evidence that the condition of patients with both cancer and coronavirus could be worsened by anti-cancer treatments. Cancer patients are vulnerable to Covid-19 re-infection complications.

They are experiencing higher hospitalization rates, up to 40%, serious respiratory failure, and death. Cancer treatment has been indicated to be associated with higher rates of complications within four weeks of contracting Covid-19, but little is known about care before or after that period.

Other Studies

Earlier research carried out in a limited group of patients showed that the incidence of coronavirus infections is guided by certain factors. Among others, this involves cancer.

However, recent cancer care in a smaller cohort has not been associated with bad results. They are now studying the link between the timing of anti-cancer treatment and complications associated with Covid-19, as well as the death of about 3000 patients in 30 days.

Researchers examined 3,600 patients for the study from 122 hospitals across the nation. In those receiving anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies, which are usually used to reduce abnormal B cells typical for some lymphomas, death was extremely high, one to three months before Covid-19 infection, a time during which substantial reduction of B cells occurs.

For those receiving active cancer treatment, mortality was higher, except endocrine therapy, as compared with individuals not treated in a year before being diagnosed with Covid-19.

According to studies, therapies used one to three months before the diagnosis of Covid-19, particularly those that cause immune cell depletion, are associated with a higher mortality rate, up to 50 percent, in the case of cancer as well as coronavirus patients.

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