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Best Applications to Easily Monitor Pregnancy


Tracking pregnancy is not an easy task, there are several symptoms that women have to deal with and must be difficult to track individually on the daily basis. With the coming of mobile apps which promise to track the pregnancy, women’s health-related issues during pregnancy can easily be tracked.

Pregnancy is that time when a women’s body undergoes several changes and these pregnancy apps can help to monitor this progress. While pregnancy apps cannot replace gynecologists and physicians, they can answer a lot about women’s health and how to take care of a baby’s health.

Need for Pregnancy Apps

The nine months of pregnancy can be special for a women’s life and it can be special and it can become more special when women can track this development on daily basis. It makes a woman close to the little life which she is carrying in her womb.

Pregnancy triggers lots of emotions and also brings daily questions to day-to-day life. Parents are eager to get this information about the next nine months, in any form of information that is available. With the increase in the use of digital apps, it’s become easy for parents to track this information while using these apps. This makes the pregnancy apps a requirement.

Top Pregnancy Apps which are Available and can Easily Monitor Pregnancy:

Pregnancy Tracker -BabyCenter

This is one of the best apps for pregnancy with 4.5 stars android rating. The pregnancy app comes with daily engaging articles to clear all myths regarding pregnancy and relax the nerves and guide us with safe and comfortable pregnancy. It has daily 500 articles, weekly articles on baby development, a daily photo album, a track and graph weight and mood, a daily pregnancy journal, daily music, streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

The app is a maternity and family benefit supporting women and families at home and work with 4.5 stars android rating. Also, it watches your baby grow, track pregnancy milestones, log symptoms, and learn what to expect week by week with the Ovia pregnancy app. It has great features in the app such as the baby’s name, in the womb, baby’s size comparison, baby’s foot, and hand size.

Pregnancy and baby tracker WTE

The app is one of the most trusted pregnancy and parenting brands, it offers a pregnancy app that helps couples to prepare for parenthood and guides them through their journey. The app has a feature in which one has to enter the baby’s due date to start tracking the baby’s growth. Once the baby arrives, the parents get a daily update on how to deal with postpartum healing and feeding to sleep schedules and milestones.

The Bump-Pregnancy Tracker

The bump is a baby tracker app for first-time moms, with the most advanced features which are not easily found in any app. It has got 4.8 stars android rating. It also gives the most trusted information backed by experts and science that you can understand. It also prepares moms to be for each doctor visit. It also has a feature that documents pregnancy by creating a weekly album of a happily growing belly.

WebMD Pregnancy

It’s a pregnancy app that has a lot of information on pregnancy, baby, and parenting. It also has a lot of information on health-related information including such as getting pregnant, information on all the trimesters, labor and delivery, and pregnancy complications.

My Pregnancy

My pregnancy is a week-by-week pregnancy tracker, with 4.8 stars android ratings. It includes week-by-week advice and useful information on fetal development and changes in our bodies, week-by-week fetal measurements and imaging, the to-do list for each trimester, a kick counter, and much more. This app is created especially for young mothers.

Pregnancy App Preglife

Preglife is a pregnancy app from Sweden a country, a country with one of the best health care systems in the world and almost zero maternal deaths. This also guarantees that all medical information that is there in the app is reviewed by medical experts.

Belly-Your Pregnancy App

The belly is a safe and easy pregnancy app with 4.7 stars android ratings. The feature such as where a woman is in her pregnancy and what all changes she needs to phase to go into new pregnancy week. The app has received several awards including “Top pregnancy app” by Baby London and the Sun and “Top health app” by Bayer. The app is also used in the education of midwives in Somalia and has been named “Innovation against poverty” by SIDA thanks to the work of spreading free maternal care in developing countries.

Sprout Pregnancy

It’s trusted and one of the most recommended apps for pregnancy all over the world, with 4.5 stars in android ratings. Sprout Pregnancy guides you through every day of your pregnancy. It helps keep you organized and educated about the many exciting changes and developments happening in your body and for your growing baby. It also has some the features such as daily and weekly information about developing babies, personalized pregnancy timelines, tools, and checklists.


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