Basic Financial Management for Doctors

Doctors are professionals who effectively take care of the health of the individuals. They play a prominent role in our society. Doctors are the persons who are expertise in the field of medical, nursing and the other diversified medical backgrounds. But hardly we come across doctors who are familiar with the financial management studies. Only 5 % of the doctor population are aware of finance related concepts and rest all concentrate on their background. 

Doctors who are about to set up their practice needs to have a clarity on what the major requirements to set up their practice. Not all doctors are aware of it. So, maintaining the connections professionally helps them in obtaining the guidance.  For the doctors who are well established and work professionally, having a knowledge of financial management would be an added advantage. 

MedPiper Technologies and JournoMed are conducting a Webinar in Association with ISA Thrissur City Branch and IMA WDW, Kerala which will discuss the necessary financial management that doctors need and related topics.

The event will be held on 17th May, 2022, Tuesday at 7.30 pm. Participants can register here. After registering, participants will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Participants will be provided with e-certificates. For more details contact you can contact Soumya at / 9080078447


✓ Basic Financial Management for Doctors 

Expert Speakers

  • Mr. Yuvraj Singh Desai- B. Com Technical Analyst, Personal Finance Guide Equity Portfolio Consultant 

Doctors are the professionals who obviously settled late in career and their life events usually drag on, due to the erratic and strong work life. Not all doctors can enjoy their personal life and usually most of them struggle to balance their professional and the personal life. Doctors economic cycle is beyond expectations and most of the professionals choose luxurious high life concentrating equally on the profession. Also, it is such a profession where the doctors need to invest on themselves and for the enhancement and the betterment of the career.

This webinar will address the topics of Financial Management for doctors and how to obtain the professional indemnity insurance and why professional indemnity insurance is crucial in doctors life. The Webinar will also help guide doctors about the steps that they must take to manage their finances effectively and efficiently.

Update: The post event summary of the webinar is available to read here.

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