Pre-eclampsia and Fetal Growth Rate Screening

Many pregnant women wonder and have a dilemma in mind why the health care providers rush up for medical tests as soon as they visit the physician and confirm their pregnancy. Few women still remain scared and try to avoid the medical tests. 

Pre-eclampsia conditions can happen to any woman in any pregnancy. Is any pregnant woman facing the conditions of proteinuria, persistent hypertension and other complications? Why delay? Visit a physician immediately! As it might risk maternal health and Pre-eclampsia and FGR may be the condition.

Pre-eclampsia condition usually occurs in 1 among 20 pregnant women and can lead to defective implantation and other complications.

Why Pre-Eclampsia and FGR Screening?

To identify the risk of developing early-onset preeclampsia, pre-eclampsia screening is the simplest way. One can protect the baby at early stages, and improve the pregnancy outcomes by performing a pre-eclampsia screening.

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The screening involves the collection of the blood sample for a combined first-trimester screening test to measure the pregnancy-associated plasma protein present in the maternal blood. An early screening might result in early and optimal patient care. 

A fetal growth rate screening / Well being scan is performed during the 23-40 weeks for the pregnant woman. Using this screening, doctors can reveal the uterus position and the position of the fetus inside the mother’s womb. Well! A case-based discussion can be taken into consideration after the screening results are obtained while revealing the patient’s health condition.

MedPiper Technologies and JournoMed are conducting a World Preeclampsia week Webinar Series in Association with National IRIA Preventive Radiology and Samrakshan Committees where the discussion is about the topics addressing Pre-eclampsia and the fetal growth screening, Why Pre-eclampsia and FGR screening mandatory for pregnant woman etc during Day 3.

The series will be held from 23rd to 28th May 2022. The event would start on 25th May 2022, Wednesday at 9 pm. Participants can register here and they will receive e-certificates. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. For more details contact you can contact Soumya at / 9080078447.


  • What are Pre-eclampsia and Fetal growth rate screening? How to perform the fetal growth screening and how to interpret the pre-eclampsia and the fetal growth rate screening?
  • A case-based discussion on fetal growth screening

Expert Speakers

  • Dr. Shilpa Satarkar, MD ( Radiology), Antarang Sonography and Colour Doppler Center, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
  • Dr. Rijo Mathew, Director, IRIA, Kerala 
  • Dr. Lalit Kishore Sharma, Guna, MP   

Honorable Chief Guests

  • Dr. Balakrishna Kitture, President, MSBIRIA ( Maharashtra IRIA)
  • Dr. Sandeep Pansare, Secretary MSBIRIA, IRIA Maharashtra

This webinar will address on the topics of Pre-eclampsia, fetal growth rate screening, how to perform the fetal growth rate screening and how to interpret the pre-eclampsia and the fetal growth complications during the pregnancy.

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