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A Closer Look at how the Counselling Helpline Launched by IMA for Doctors and Nurses works

Counselling helpline launched by IMA

To help physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals battle the mounting tension due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has recruited psychiatrists and psychological counselors.

A 24/7 counseling helpline for doctors and nurses has been introduced by the IMA. Several doctors and health workers in the world are already contaminated and quarantined, and rumors of destruction in the healthcare community in Europe and the United States are contributing to increasing tension, officials said.

16 psychiatrists and psychologists committed to physicians, nurses and healthcare practitioners have been hired. IMA, the national voluntary association of doctors of the modern scientific method of medicine, is part of the organization and has approximately 350,000 out of approximately one million doctors in the world.

In these rough times, healthcare professionals are overworked. In an immediate situation such as this, a 24/7 job takes over. Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak, physicians and frontline health professionals have had little time for themselves. More cases of anxiety are expected and doctors are physically and mentally exhausted after a few weeks.

The IMA Secretary-General also said separately that there are almost 40,000 resident doctors (postgraduates) who have just graduated and are among the frontline staff since March 31. There are many levels of the private sector as well as district hospitals and more than 100,000 government physicians, in addition to the frontline physicians in the 600 medical colleges. The doctors concluded that no country was better suited to deal with the pandemic than India.

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