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5 Companies That Are Making A Mark with Doctor-Friendly Chatbots

Chatbots to makes lives easier for doctors and patients

A personal digital assistant or a chatbot (health) is designed to make the lives of medical professionals easier. From a better organization of patient pathways, medication management, timely help during emergencies or first aid, offering solutions for mild medical issues, chatbots assist physicians, nurses, patients, and their families.

Health chatbots are being used now to cater to specific issues in healthcare. For example, Northwell Health recently launched a personalized chatbot to help decrease the no-shows for colonoscopies. The chatbot will assist patients by taking care of any concerns or misunderstandings about this exam, by providing all the necessary information through mails or texts. 

It is envisioned that chatbots might turn out to be the first contact for primary care. Instead of getting in touch directly with physicians or nurses, patients can seek help from chatbots first. Depending on priority or importance, the cases will then be transferred to a real doctor. 

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Here is a list of the top 5 promising ones that are changing the landscape of the health chatbot industry. 

OneRemission is a chatbot that is based out of New York that helps patients who are dealing with cancer. For both cancer patients as well as the survivors, this app provides an exclusive list of diet, exercises, and post-treatment practices that are carefully curated by Integrative Medicine Experts. This means that they need not always contact their doctor for minor doubts. 

In cases where a specialist’s advice is needed, the app lets the user consult an online oncologist who is available 24/7. 

Safedrugbot is a chat messaging service that offers support to health professionals by providing appropriate information on the use of drugs while breastfeeding. The chatbot that acts as an assistant to the doctors also gives information on the active ingredients that are found in the medication as well as consumable tablets/syrups.

Ada Health is all set to be a standard diagnostic tool for doctors. Used by over 1.5 million people, the app can access the user’s health data based on the symptoms that are indicated from its huge AI-enabled database.

Ada is aiming at becoming a comprehensive health companion, assisting doctors and patients to monitor health data to provide proactive care. They have enabled a voice interface as well and have conducted their first round of trials through Alexa from Amazon. 

ANYA is India’s first health-based chatbot which was launched at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes. ANYA is an intelligent chatbot that helps patients and doctors with health management and other health-related concerns.  

The main motive behind launching ANYA is to bridge the gap of lack of trusted and verified sources for disease management by giving medically authenticated information and also posing as the preferred partner for doctors in taking care of queries from patients at any time.

Your.Md was awarded the Unesco/Natexplo Award for coming up with innovations that are targeted at improving society. This platform allows users to access verified health information based on accurate sources and lets them make informed health choices. 

Your.Md is a symptom checker that is enabled by artificial intelligence and is available in all platforms like iOS, Android as well as a separate browser version. It is also rated as one of the best health service providers and helps with anything ranging from finding doctor’s clinics, pharmacies, test centers, or even recommendations for mental health apps.  

The world of health chatbot is buzzing rapidly and every other day news ones are coming up. This is an indicator of the bright future that chatbots will have in the healthcare arena and how they can contribute extensively in helping both the physician and the patient. The implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare is improving the state of health and wellness in India with a greater number of users and app usage that are increasing day-by-day. Chatbots are a big relief for the doctors and patients as it boosts reliability and promotes cost-effectiveness. 

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